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Plastic Threaded Barrel Adaptors

Threaded plastic adaptors for converting drums to 2" standard openings


From: £7.50 ex. VAT ( £9.00 inc. VAT)
  • Enables the use of barrel pumps and taps
  • Suitable for converting drums with metric threads
  • Can convert any thread forms other than standard 2" BSP opening

These simple yet effective plastic threaded adaptors are designed to convert a range of metric or non-standard drums to enable the use of standard barrel taps and pumps. Constructed from sturdy plastic, they are reliable items and an essential part of your drum storage and handling department. When used with a drum tap, they should be fitted with an 'O' Ring which can be bought separately. The O Rings we have available are compatible with all the barrel adaptor types listed on this page.

We have a variety of barrel adaptors available to suit the most common requirements for pumps and taps. All of the adaptors are designed to convert to a 2" BSP opening, with some being for male to female conversion and others female to male. Each size and shape of adaptor is in a different colour, so that if you have multiple adaptors in storage, you can quickly and easily tell them apart and choose the correct one for the task at hand.

We have a wide variety of barrels, pumps, taps and other accessories available in our drum storage and handling range. With drums and taps available in a variety of materials and styles as well as plenty of transportation and storage systems, you are bound to find solutions for all of your requirements. Make sure when purchasing drums and taps to check compatibility and to purchase any necessary adaptors.

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