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Large water point banner sign

Increase the visibility of your water point over long distances


From: £53.99 ex. VAT
From: £49.13 ex. VAT ( £58.96 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to secure thanks to built-in eyelets
  • Robust materials, suitable for outdoor use
  • Clear and easy to read from far away

A supply of water is needed for many different applications in order to keep your site running smoothly. As it's such an integral part of the site, it's important that all staff and visitors can find the source of water quickly, to avoid delays and inefficient work.

With this banner, the location of the water point can be easily seen even over long distances, thanks to its large size and clear text. The water symbol is included to help quick recognition, and it also helps the sign to be understood even when the text is difficult to read.

The sign is made from robust materials, and will stand up to use outdoors even in rainy weather. Eyelets are included to secure the banner, which helps keep it in place even when it's windy. The banner can be fixed using cable ties, rope or other methods of your choosing.

Safetyshop stocks a variety of informative signage for easy display and clear notification of crucial water points.

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