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Secure Plastic Bank Grip Seals

Durable polypropylene seal that can help prevent tampering


From: £125.99 ex. VAT ( £151.19 inc. VAT)
  • Made from durable, inert polypropylene
  • Has a tear line for easy removal
  • Suitable for fastening a wide range of items

There are always occasions when bank grip seals are needed to ensure that equipment hasn't been used without appropriate authorisation and these tough, easy-to-use pull-through seals help to ensure that your kit is always in an appropriate condition. Made from high quality polypropylene, the bank seals are resistant to a wide range of contaminants and don't degrade when exposed to moisture. Depending on the type of seal required, we stock an excellent selection of security seals that can be used to help minimise the risk of equipment being inappropriately used. For any workplace that's serious about security and safety, there are also tamper evident seals available.

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