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Bin Securing Ballasts

Secure your external waste bins with these reliable ballasts.


£14.99 ex. VAT ( £17.99 inc. VAT)
  • An easier solution than bolting or concreting
  • Ensures bins stay in place, in whatever conditions the weather may throw at them
  • Fits a range of outdoor bins

Fed up with hoodlums kicking your bins over? Has your bin tried to make a break for it on a particularly windy day? Does your heart fill with dread as you go to work in the morning because you fear you may never see your bin again? Well worry no more, as we have the perfect solution to your waste woes.

With our perfectly weighted bin ballast, there’s no need to use messy concrete or spend hours installing bolts into a rigid surface. This ballast is weighted so that it would take more than two men to lift, making the chances of your bin getting kicked over or stolen miniscule.

This bin ballast is made with tough, durable plastic, with internal weights evenly spaced to give your waste receptacle maximum stability and protection against vandalism and theft. It can also be lifted easily by a three man team or a forklift if needed at another site, an additional benefit over using concrete or bolts.

Bin ballasts and matching bins can be used at any location needed; schools, festivals, building sites, shopping centres, factories and anywhere you urgently require a bin ballast really. Put your mind at ease knowing this transportable ballast is available for your own personal use, assuaging your fears of any bin-related crime or nonsense.

There would be no point of a ballast without a bin, so take a look at our Copperfield bin which coordinates perfectly and fits easily together in a few minutes. Get a ballast today and show those thugs who’ve disrespected your bin who’s boss!

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