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Robust personal search ahead wall sign

Give staff warning of personal searches to stop unlawful activity


From: £9.99 ex. VAT
From: £9.09 ex. VAT ( £10.91 inc. VAT)
  • Clear, visible yellow design
  • Complies with standard safety symbols
  • Strong, long-lasting construction

Carrying out personal searches on staff and visitors is an excellent way to stop theft and other illegal or potentially dangerous activities. To be at the most effective, it's important to give warning that searches are being carried out, as prevention is a better tactic than catching people in the act.

These signs are a simple way to let people know they are about to enter an area where they may be searched, giving them fair warning that unlawful activities will not be tolerated.

The signs feature the standard exclamation mark alert symbol and are in the yellow of hazard and warning signs. This makes recognition and visibility of the sign fast. The signs are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be long-lasting, so you can be assured that they won't need replacement after just a short time.

Make searches truly random and fair with our random search selector device.

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