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Asbestos safety training DVD

A comprehensive guide to dealing with asbestos


£99.99 ex. VAT ( £119.99 inc. VAT)
  • A convenient and efficient training material
  • Covers all the important information on asbestos
  • Complete with printable assessment form

With asbestos exposure being linked to around 4,000 deaths every year, it is vital that anyone who may come into contact with it is armed with all necessary information to deal with this extremely dangerous substance. If you are an employer, it's up to you to ensure all of your employees are trained in asbestos safety and know all they need to know.

Making sure all employees have been trained in everything they need to know can be a bit of a headache, particularly if you're relying on lengthy written materials for training. There's also a risk that not all of the information will go in or be retained. A DVD is a great training aid that is much easier to follow without losing concentration and an effective way to learn. It also allows you to carry out training sessions in a group, with everyone present being able to take in the information together. We also stock a general health and safety DVD to help expand on safety issues in the workplace.

The asbestos DVD covers the effects of exposure; protection and minimising the risks; recognition of asbestos types; and more. It packs all of this information into a 15-minute film, which makes it easy for you to arrange viewing sessions without having to eat into valuable work time. It is supplied with a printable assessment form to help you keep track of training needs across your employees, but the single DVD purchase can be used to train countless employees, helping keep your overheads down.

Display an asbestos safety poster prominently for your employees to see, and it will help them remember the information in the DVD and the procedures it details.

Additional Information

Brand Safety Media
Description Asbestos DVD
Duration 15min
Specifications / Characteristics Printable assessment form PDF included
Supplied in Single

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