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Stylish perspex smoking shelter with arched roof and optional steel sides

A smart, attractive area for staff and customers to smoke

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From: £3,480.00 ex. VAT ( £4,176.00 inc. VAT)
  • Durable and attractive construction
  • Fully complies with UK legal requirements
  • Supplied with fixings for concrete floors

Since the smoking ban was introduced in the United Kingdom, the sight of smoking shelters has become commonplace outside all kinds of businesses. Since people are no longer permitted by law to smoke inside buildings, many employers choose to give their staff a sheltered area in which to smoke during their breaks. These shelters vary greatly in their appearance but aren't always the most attractive constructions, which can spoil the look of outdoor areas around your business. This smart, stylish shelter is designed with a contemporary appearance that has pleasing curved lines to provide a more elegant solution to the issue.

The shelter has an arched roof, which is a welcome alternative to the straight lines and sharp rectangular designs of some other shelters. It's made from perspex and is available optionally with perforated steel sides. The shelter is less than 50 percent enclosed, which complies fully with the UK legal regulations and ensures you're not inadvertently breaking the law by letting workers smoke inside it. An open area around the base disperses smoke and fumes effectively, helping raise safety levels for the people using it. Giving people a place to dispose of cigarette waste helps ensure the area is kept clean and tidy, and our stylish tubular cigarette bin makes an excellent companion to this shelter.

This shelter comes complete with Parabolts for fixing it to concrete floors, keeping it firmly upright and in place when you install it. The feet can be extended for use with other ground materials, and they can be grouted in place for a permanent fixture.

Remind people inside your buildings that smoking isn't permitted and encourage them to go outside and use your shelter by displaying one of our 'These are no smoking premises' signs, which are vandal-resistant and suitable for use on the outside of buildings as well as indoors.

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Product Description Arched Roof Smoking Shelter

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