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Rocol Safe Step anti-slip floor coating

Increase pedestrian grip in areas with smooth, slippery floors.

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£105.10 ex. VAT ( £126.12 inc. VAT)
  • Suitable for use on concrete, timber and metal floor surfaces
  • Five-litre container for coverage over 20 square metres
  • Easy to apply, with either a brush or a roller

Smooth floors can be extremely slippery, which puts people at risk of accidents. This is a particular concern in large areas with foot traffic or where staff are hard at work, as being busy leads to lower concentration when walking, so injuries are more likely. This Rocol Safe Step is a simple solution to the problem, adding an anti-slip coating to floors to keep people safe and minimise the risk of injuries.

This five-litre container provides enough Safe Step to cover a 20 square metre floor, so it's great for large rooms or for treating several smaller areas. It's easy to apply and can be done quickly with either a brush or roller, depending on your preference. If there are particularly small, limited areas with slippery surfaces, our anti-slip mats might be a more suitable option.

Rocol Safe Step is perfect for use in areas where a low profile pedestrian grade non-slip coating is needed, and it can be used on concrete, timber, composite and metal flooring surfaces. This versatility means you can treat several different rooms with the same product, saving you time and money. A heavy-duty version, Rocol Safe Step 500, is also available, which is ideal for use in high-traffic areas where the coating has a higher risk of wearing away quickly.

This product can be used both indoors and out, and it's available in either grey or tile red to suit whichever area it's applied too. It dries enough for light traffic after just six hours and is fully dry after 16, so it's ideal for applying at the end of the day to leave overnight, ready for the morning. Make sure all your stairs are safe and accident-free by applying our anti-slip stair treads, which also increase the visibility of step edges.

Rocol Safe Step is made from a chlorinated rubber and alkyd resin, with quartz aggregate providing the anti-slip properties by leaving a texture in the finished surface. It comes in a ready to use single pack and no mixing is required.

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