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Anti-Slip Floor Paint For Forklift Trucks

Create a safe driving surface for heavy goods vehicles and forklift trucks


£143.20 ex. VAT ( £171.84 inc. VAT)

  • Ideal for areas where forklift trucks are in operation
  • Easy to paint onto clean dry surfaces
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors on areas of up to five square metres per pot

If you work in an environment where forklift trucks and other heavy goods vehicles are in frequent operation, you’ll be all too aware of the dangers they can create if adequate safety provisions are not put in place. You can help reduce accidents involving heavy vehicles by applying a layer of anti-slip paint to areas that forklift trucks pass over, such as ramps, loading bays and any other general floor area. This paint is ideal for covering construction site floors and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

You can choose from a selection of three handy colours for your worksite – easy-blend grey, tile red or safety yellow. The five litre tin contains enough paint to cover areas of up to five square metres. It can be easily applied to a clean, dry floor using a standard paint brush; just apply enough to evenly cover the desired area and then wait for it to fully dry before using the surface. The floor paint also has the added benefit of containing a hardener, which helps the paint to set and provides an ultra long-term coating that won’t erode due to heavy impact, contact with water or extreme weather temperatures.

Anti-slip tape is another option if you are looking to tend to floors in a construction environment. This bright coloured anti-slip floor tape is an effective way to help prevent slips in the workplace, and can also be used to mark out any temporary hazards.

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