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Anti-Climb Product In Use Sign

Warn intruders that anti-climb products are in use


From: £7.99 ex. VAT
From: £6.47 ex. VAT ( £7.77 inc. VAT)

  • Universal application, can be positioned on fences or perimeter walls
  • Use to protect property and warn off potential intruders
  • Fully compliant with UK BS 5499 regulations

If you use anti-climb products to protect perimeter walls, fences or drainpipes, you must warn potential intruders that such products are in place. The Occupier’s Liability Act 1984 states that property owners have a responsibility to all persons who visit their property, whether they have a right to be there or not.

Therefore, if an intruder slips and injures himself on your property, even if he was trying to gain illegal access, he can sue you for damages if warning signs were not prominently displayed. So to prevent possible legal action, use our anti-climb product in use signs, wherever anti-climb paint has been used to protect your property.

These high-quality signs are easy to fix to walls and perimeter fences and no drilling or special fixing is required. However, they should be mounted below the height of where anti-climb paint has been applied, typically 2 metres. This ensures the signs can be clearly seen by pedestrians, preventing accidental damage to clothing.

Available in six sizes to suit all types of property, you can choose from small 150mm x 200mm, perfect for smaller buildings and fences, to large 594x420mm A2 sized posters, designed for large perimeter walls.

These signs form part of our security signs range, which includes all types of signs to help protect your property. You can choose from CCTV in operation to Caution Barbed Wire signs and much more. All of our security signs are compliant with British Standard BS 5499, which unifies warning signs across the United Kingdom.

You can also combine this sign with our anti-climb paint, which is available in both black and grey to suit most building applications. Simply apply the paint to walls or drainpipes to help prevent intruders from gaining access to your property.

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