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Non-Drying Oil-Based Anti-Climb Paint with Size and Colour Options

Stays wet and slippery to prevent climbing drainpipes, fences and other features

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From: £54.99 ex. VAT ( £65.99 inc. VAT)

  • Easy to apply – simply brush onto drainpipes, fences and other items
  • Effective at preventing theft and vandalism
  • Lasts up to a year after painting to minimise reapplication

Drainpipes, fences, posts and pillars outside your premises can provide a way for unauthorised persons to access your buildings and property. This puts you at increased risk of theft or vandalism, as it exposes weak points in the security of your business.

Anti-climb paint is an extremely effective way to prevent people from climbing their way into buildings. It's an oil-based paint that doesn't dry, so it maintains a slippery wet surface that helps to stop people being able to climb wherever it's applied. As an extra level of deterrent, you can use this paint alongside our anti-climb strips, which add a spiked surface to the tops of fences, walls and other climbable objects. The self-adhesive strips are effective against cats and wild animals as well as humans.

This anti-climb paint is easy to use. Simply brush it onto any surfaces you think people might be tempted to climb, as you would any other paint, and the job is done. Once it's in place, the paint stays effective for up to a year, so there's no need for a constant effort to stay on top of maintaining it. When it does start to become less slippery, just reapply it to stay secure.

It's important to make sure you only apply anti-climb paint at least two metres above ground level, as otherwise, people are at risk of damaging their clothing and you could be held liable. You should also display anti-climb paint warning signs to let people know it's been applied in the area. This also increases its effectiveness, as it deters people from trying to climb in the first place.

The paint is available in two different sizes, so you can ensure you've got enough to cover the area you need to apply it to. It also comes in either black or grey, which helps you to either blend it in with existing paint or have it in a contrasting colour, depending on what you think will be most effective at stopping people from trying to climb.

Because this paint is particularly difficult to remove from clothing, make sure you wear reliable coveralls while you're applying it.

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