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Anti-Arson Letterbox with Built-in Fire Extinguisher

Letterbox with automatic fire extinguisher to protect against arson attacks


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  • Fits easily around existing letterbox
  • Airtight seal starves fire of oxygen
  • Built-in fire extinguisher goes off automatically if temperature exceeds 57°C

Protect yourself from arson attacks and other forms of vandalism with the anti-arson letterbox from Homesaver. Fitting easily over standard British letterbox openings, it can accommodate all normal mail, as well as newspapers.

And, if the worst should happen and you find yourself on the receiving end of an arson attack, its fully-welded mild steel construction and built-in fire extinguisher will give you peace of mind.

The fire extinguisher activates automatically at temperatures above 57°C. The airtight seal around the opening will normally starve any fire of oxygen but, if it does persist, a glass vial which is sensitive to heat will break, activating the 100 g extinguisher.

The device, which contains FE36 extinguishing agent, can tackle a range of fires - from paper, wood and cloth to oil, grease and other flammable liquids. It is also able to suppress electrical fires.

And, as well as helping to prevent arson attacks through your letterbox, this device will also keep rubbish, animal faeces, fireworks and other unpleasant materials from entering your office or home by safely containing them.

Looking for some other fire-fighting ideas? Try some of our best sellers, such as door seals which help to resist the passage of fire or fire blankets.

Additional Information

Application Fits standard British letterboxes
Brand Homesaver
Description Anti-Arson Letterbox
Material Mild Steel
Size 525 x 325 x 125 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Activated by heat alcohol to break glass vial
Supplied in Single
Type Aperture 70 (H) x 300mm (W)

Customer Reviews

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8 years ago

Service: Product arrived damaged however replacement arrived next day

Product: Box could have one more screw hole to maker it more stable

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