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Lightweight Aluminium Access Ramp with Folding Handles

Quickly and easily provide access over doorsteps or kerbs


From: £277.45 ex. VAT ( £332.94 inc. VAT)
  • Anti-slip surface across the full width of the ramp
  • Strong grip at each end
  • Extremely durable but lightweight construction

As an alternative to a folding ramp, this small but strong access ramp is a reliable and extremely safe way to give access over steps, kerbs and other raised features. The aluminium construction provides a tough, hard-wearing ramp that is still light enough to be easily moved or carried. Transporting the ramp is helped by the integrated foldaway handles.

The anodised aluminium lips of the ramp are strong and safe and have been designed to give excellent grip for a stable ramp that won't slip or shift while being used. The surface of the ramp itself has a wide anti-slip surface which further increases the safety level.

Because it's easy to move into place when needed, this small ramp is ideal for situations where it may need to be moved frequently, or kept in storage ready for use when required.

Where a permanent ramp is a better solution, our access ramp with handrails is an excellent choice, with its strong and long-lasting design.

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