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Portable folding aluminium access ramp

Easily transported to wherever it's needed for easy access


From: £229.50 ex. VAT ( £275.40 inc. VAT)
  • Strong aluminium with anti-slip surface
  • Lips at each end provide extra grip
  • Clips to secure the ramp when folded

Providing easy access means ramps, particularly in older buildings that may have been built with steps everywhere and no consideration for access problems. A permanent, safe access ramp might be a great option if possible, but sometimes this just isn't practical due to space or other concerns. If there are a large number of areas where access might be a problem, using some portable ramps might be a more sensible option as they can then be moved around to wherever they're needed with ease, folding them up and then unfolding them, ready to use in seconds.

This folding ramp is made with anodised aluminium kerbs and lips, for a really tough construction. It features an anti-slip surface that covers the whole width of the ramp, vastly increasing the safety. It also has a unique lip design, which gives a strong grip at each end and helps to stop the ramp itself from slipping wherever it's used.

The ramp is available in a range of sizes, from 600mm to 2400mm in length, so there's plenty of choice to fit the needs of the user. Perhaps keeping a few different lengths on hand will help to be ready for any eventuality. They store away easily and need very little space, making these ramps a convenient and cost-effective option wherever access ramps may be needed.

One of the benefits of aluminium is that it combines strength with a relatively low weight, which is ideal for something that needs to be portable. When folded away, the ramp benefits from secure clips to keep it in place and prevent accidents. For access over raised floor features, we supply a bridged access ramp to provide a smooth, non-slip surface.

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