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Handy, Straight, One-Channel Aluminium Cable Protectors

Durable protection for a variety of different cables


From: £67.90 ex. VAT ( £81.48 inc. VAT)
  • Aluminium protectors offer excellent durability
  • Can be used with other cable protectors to provide customised, multi-directional protection
  • Double-sided adhesive tape is included with this product

In the working environment, it's essential that cables are protected from fraying and potential breakage. These tough cable protectors are ideal for the task, providing cover that's resistant to moisture, temperature extremes and pressure (up to 1500 kg). The aluminium cable covers are all given a final powder coating, increasing their durability and ensuring they look good in environments where a smart, visually appealing product is of importance.

Many organisations use the straight cable protectors as part of a system, supplementing them with corner shaped aluminium cable protectors and T-shaped cable protectors to give a tailored solution to protecting complex cabling configurations.

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Brand Brady

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