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Air horn gas refill canisters

Refill of non-flammable gas for air horns


From: £8.99 ex. VAT ( £10.79 inc. VAT)
Lower prices are available if you order a higher quantity
Qty. 1+ 2+ 4+
Price £10.99 (£13.19 ) £9.99 (£11.99 £8.99 (£10.79
  • Non-flammable, CFC free gas
  • Provides an alternative to purchasing new horn
  • Provides additional cover

If your business' alarm system is undergoing maintenance, you need to have a viable, considered alternative to its use. While many businesses may have an air horn in stock for this very purpose, few would consider the scenario of it running out of gas, due to the infrequency in which the air horn might be used. With SafetyShop's air horn gas refill, your business will be prepared for any eventuality in the event of alarm system maintenance.

Containing non-flammable, CFC-free gas, the refills are compatible with our airhorn style No. FRE0061, which sounds at 110db and has an acoustic range of approximately 1500m. Easy to install within the airhorn itself, you can provide excellent coverage in the event of system maintenance, and rest assured that you have refills for any eventuality. When the items are used in conjunction with our air horn wall clip and displayed, you send a comforting message to your staff and customers alike that the building is prepared and safe.

Along with our other fire alarms and testers and fire safety equipment, an air horn ensures that your business is compliant with UK and EU law, and is a safe working environment for staff members to be in. An air horn gas refill goes even further, showing that you have considered every eventuality as a business to the extent that there are third tier options in place to ensure the safety of your customers and staff, and that it is an extremely high priority. Make sure that your business is prepared for any eventuality today with an air horn gas refill.

Additional Information

Application Additional cover for emergencies
Description Gas Refill
Supplied in Single
Type Non- flammable gas

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