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Refills for aerosol air fresheners

These scents can eliminate bad odours from the work place


From: £2.99 ex. VAT ( £3.59 inc. VAT)
  • Use as a refill or standalone aerosol freshener
  • Wide scent selection and budget friendly
  • Perfect for bathrooms or office spaces

In order to keep the spaces where we work every day free from bad odours, these air freshener aerosol refills get to work eliminating unwanted smells. They can be used independently or as a replacement for your existing aerosol air fresheners, and come in a range of five fruit based fragrances. Facility managers will find that they are perfectly suited to office environments or lavatories, 'eating up' unpleasant smells and projecting pleasant aromas through the room.

It's important to have an agreeable working environment. See the other products in our air fresheners range and ensure your workplace is inviting for both employees and visitors.

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