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AFFF foam fire extinguisher with complete sign and label kit

All you need to ensure full compliance with your new fire extinguisher


From: £44.99 ex. VAT ( £53.99 inc. VAT)

  • AFFF fire extinguisher for class A and B fires
  • Complete with signs, inspection labels and seals
  • 'Foam and its uses' sign ensures the purpose of the extinguisher is understood

More versatile than water, a foam fire extinguisher can be used on both class A and class B fires, which helps save space and makes locating the correct type of extinguisher easier if a fire breaks out. To ensure all regulations are met and the extinguisher is as safe as possible, we offer this model alongside the signs and labels you need.

The kit includes a sign showing foam and its uses, which provides a simple rundown of the safe applications for this type of fire extinguisher, with icons for quick understanding. It also comes complete with a supply of inspection labels to help you make sure the extinguisher is always ready to be used in an emergency, and a seal to prevent tampering and ensure it's evident if it has been used.

Increase the visibility of your fire extinguisher with our glow-in-the-dark projecting 3D sign.

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