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Wall-mounted defibrillator (AED) holder with sign

Highly visible with quick-release design for emergencies


£50.75 ex. VAT ( £60.90 inc. VAT)

  • Your defibrillator will always be within easy reach
  • Built-in sign for fast recognition
  • Can be released quickly with one hand

There is no doubt that having a defibrillator on your work premises can save lives in an emergency. If a situation arises where it is needed, every second is vital in terms of how long it takes to locate, access and set up the equipment. Ensuring that the time needed to remove an AED from storage is minimised means the greatest chance of successful use.

This wall-mounted AED holder ensures that the defibrillator will always be clearly visible, with a sign as part of its design to help people find and recognise it in seconds. When not in use, the holder protects the device from damage and, when needed, allows for one-handed quick-release. It can be mounted to a wall easily, so setting it up is no hassle.

Displaying an AED defibrillator and CPR step-by-step poster ensures that, in the event a defibrillator is needed and no trained user is available, it may still be successfully applied.

Additional Information

Kit Contains AED Holder
Supplied in Single

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