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Adjustable Work Platforms

Solid, and spacious platform from which to work safely at elevation.

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From: £265.00 ex. VAT ( £318.00 inc. VAT)
  • Super strong and sturdy epoxy powder coated steel frame, with adjustable, threaded feet
  • Choice of solid ribbed rubber platform surface (set on top of 18mm plywood) or galvanised mesh grid
  • Available in a variety of sizes and heights, and approved to high European GS (safety tested) standards

In many workplaces, you will inevitably encounter jobs that are just out of reach, be it cleaning the top surfaces of machinery, painting ceilings, or just reaching for an item from a high shelf. Over-stretching can lead to accidents and nasty injuries, such as slips or pulled muscles.

This epoxy powder-coated steel, sturdy, adjustable work platform is perfect for those awkward jobs that are just high enough to cause a problem. Available in two surface materials and multiple sizes, this product is built for all those occasions when a ladder is just too much and/or will impede progress.

The first surface option is a simple galvanised mesh grid. This option is ideal for most situations, providing an extremely solid and stable platform while maintaining a relatively light weight. The second surface option is made of solid ribbed rubber, supported by super strong 18mm plywood. This surface is excellent for environments where conditions may be wet, providing superb traction under foot.

To ensure good grip under foot, you need to wear suitable and purpose-built footwear. Boots like these from Dickies provide protection to all areas of the foot, with ultra strong steel toe caps, as well as steel reinforced soles and ankle support.

These platforms are approved to high European GS standards, meaning that as long as you take all necessary precautions, you can rely on this sturdy piece of kit. When working at height you should always wear adequate and secure head protection.

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