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Abus Economic 6-Pack Non-Corrosive Brass Padlocks

Keep inventory secure with durable padlocks each with unique keys

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From: £29.99 ex. VAT ( £35.99 inc. VAT)

  • Solid brass body with hardened steel shackle
  • High-quality precision pin tumbler cylinder
  • Non-corrosive inner components

This pack of six Abus padlocks is a cost-effective solution for businesses which require multiple locks for several applications. Each padlock is keyed differently, making them more secure for instances in which each lock needs to be unique for individual access, for example on staff lockers or toolkits. Should you require several padlocks with the same key for shared access to multiple areas, consider the Squire Keyed Alike Padlocks instead which are also colour-coded for added convenience.

Each Abus padlock in this pack has a durable solid brass body and hardened steel shackle to minimise the risk of damage if anyone attempts to tamper with them. All of the inner components are non-corrosive which means that you shouldn't encounter any problems with the locks becoming stiff or with keys getting stuck inside the padlock when opening. The padlock also features a precision 4-pin tumbler cylinder which makes it very difficult to pick or tamper with, so you've no need to worry about any unauthorised opening of a padlock without the key.

There are two keys provided with each padlock in the pack, so you may want to consider investing in a secure storage system to keep spare keys safe. The SetonSecure Euro Profile Key Cabinet is an excellent solution for organisations which deal with high volumes of keys because it can hold up to 48 individual keys. Having a master key cabinet like this means that management can always have access to padlocked areas even if an individual who is primarily responsible for accessing it is not available to provide their key. Plus, it means that if key staff members forget or misplace their keys, there will always be a spare available to gain access to padlocked areas.

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