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Vibrant warning sign for automatic machinery hazards

Inform guests and employees of the surrounding dangers.


£7.95 ex. VAT
£6.50 ex. VAT ( £7.80 inc. VAT)
  • Vibrant design
  • Easy to apply
  • Clear message and symbol

Highlighting the surrounding dangers in any location is vital and mandatory. Our 'Danger Automatic Machinery May Start Without Warning' sign is an essential part of any factory, construction site or specialist location with such equipment.

Fashioned from highly durable vinyl, the sign will stay strong in a variety of harsh environments. Easy to wipe clean should it become smeared or dirty, it will stand the test of time and prove to be a worthwhile investment.

Designed in a vibrant yellow and black colour scheme, it will stand out and catch the attention of everyone around it. Hard to miss, there won't be any excuse should the unpredictable machinery start up and cause an accident with anyone standing in the way. With employees and visitors properly notified, it will lessen the likelihood of any legal repercussions.

Simple to apply to any smooth, clean and flat surface, the informative sticker is fitted with a self-adhesive back. With no need for screws, nails or frames, multiple items of machinery can be properly labelled in a short period of time. Presented in an A5 size, it makes the message all the more harder to ignore.

Utilising bold lettering and a clear symbol within a warning triangle, it will only take a matter of seconds for the message to be taken onboard. In areas where such signs are on display, it's essential that everyone in the vicinity is properly supplied with the correct PPE equipment to prevent any damage to the skin, eyes, ears or head.

Helping businesses comply with the Health & Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, the rectangular sticker will bring workplaces up to current code. Our range of other hazard warning signs will cater for all manners of other machinery and dangerous locations.

Additional Information

Material Self Adhesive Vinyl - Indoor Use
Size 210 x 148 mm

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