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5-in-1 Sorbent Pads in Easy-access Dispenser Box

Multi-purpose sorbents for dealing with emergency liquid spills


From: £153.00 ex. VAT ( £183.60 inc. VAT)
  • Effective with a variety of different liquids
  • Multi-layered construction for effective absorption
  • Dispenser box for quick use in an emergency

Time is of the essence when dealing with spillages, particularly if the liquids in question are hazardous to health or could damage equipment. Having easy access to effective sorbent materials helps you deal with leaks and spills before they can get out of hand or run into areas where they could cause further problems.

These sorbents can be used as pads, wipes, pillows, socs or rolls, giving you a versatile way to manage emergencies. They are designed with highly-effective absorption in mind, and one side of each pad is low in lint to prevent contamination by fibres. The dispenser box makes it easy to grab them in a hurry, and the effective perforations help you make sure you can quickly get the number you need.

If you anticipate the possibility of spillages needing a heavy-duty sorbent solution, our bulk-buy sorbent packages provide highly efficient sorbent materials with options for specific types of liquid.

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