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Multi-Compartment Cable Protectors with Five Channels

Smart and subtle housing to protect up to five exposed cables


From: £139.05 ex. VAT ( £166.86 inc. VAT)
  • Anti-slip coating to reduce the risk of falls
  • Flexible rubber material is fire resistant and durable
  • Easily fix to protect up to five cables

Cables can present a number of hazards in a workplace if left exposed. House your cables safely and responsibly with these five-channel multi-compartment cable protector strips.

The coloured cable protectors are made of fire-resistant rubber, and have an anti-slip coating that protects from trips and falls. Their subtle design and choice of four colours make these wire grouping protectors easy on the eye, and inoffensive to any décor style. With a length of 3 m, our rubber cable housing can be easily cut to length for all your cabling needs.

Wire protection solutions should be sought for all exposed cables. Try our five compartment snap fit protectors for a different fitting option.

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Brand Brady

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