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3M 8835 FFP3 Disposable Respirator Face Mask with Cool Flow Valve

A comfortable, protective and extremely hygienic face mask


£30.55 ex. VAT ( £36.66 inc. VAT)

  • No maintenance needed, simply use a new mask each time
  • A hygienic way to protect the face and airways
  • Cool flow valve prevents heat build-up for excellent comfort

Face masks and respirators are the obvious way to protect the face and airways from harmful substances, particles and other hazards, but they're not always the most convenient equipment to use. COSHH regulations mean the maintenance, recording keeping and other aspects of care involved with keeping such equipment take up a lot of time and can be expensive to keep on top of.

This disposable mask provides excellent protection in a single-use product, so there's no need to take any action in order to keep it in good condition. After it's been used, the mask can simply be thrown away and a new one used the next time protection is needed. This also keeps it hygienic, preventing the build-up of bacteria inside or the risk of cross-contamination if masks are shared between multiple people.

The mask is suitable for conditions where there's a risk of solids, or mist composed of water or oils. It provides a high level of protection, complies with regulations, and is CE marked to demonstrate its quality and reliability.

Although it's not necessarily a suitable replacement for a full-face mask in environments where that level of protection is needed, the disposable mask is a great option for many hazardous situations that brings a host of benefits in terms of comfort and convenience.

A clever 'cool flow' valve helps minimise heat building up inside the mask, which goes a long way to improving comfort for the wearer. This is a particularly important concern when a mask needs to be worn for long periods, as the discomfort of a hot, moist mask makes people's concentration drop significantly, which can lead to distracted, unsafe working. The also has adjustable straps, a nose clip, a face seal ring, and provides low resistance to breathing, for a comfortable and pleasant experience while wearing it.

Make sure 'wear mask' signs are displayed in areas where this equipment is needed, to ensure people are properly protected against the hazards present.

Additional Information

Brand 3M
Classes FFP3
Colour(s) White
Description FFP3 Valved Mask
Features - Logo Yes
Fixing Strap
Pack Qty. 5
Packaging Qty. 5
Product Description 3M 8835 FFP3 Disposable Face Mask
Size One Size
Supplied in Pack of 5
Type Disposable
CE Marked Yes
OEL 20

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