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Multi-Compartment Cable Protectors with Three Channels

Multi-compartment, colour-coded protector keeps loose cables enclosed

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From: £101.35 ex. VAT ( £121.62 inc. VAT)
  • Provides protection from trips and falls with anti-slip coating
  • Subtle design is a tidy way to hide away cables
  • Made of flexible, fire-resistant rubber

Cables can quickly multiply in a workplace. And with multiplication comes hazard. Keep cables tucked away safely with these multi-compartment cable protectors, which can house a number of cables whilst also preventing falls through an anti-slip coating.

The cable housing comes in a range of four colours, so that it has the potential to fit in subtly with any décor. Measuring 3 metres in length, our multi-compartment wire protectors can be easily cut to length. The three-channel wire covering is made from a flexible rubber and plastic, which is fully flame-resistant, long-lasting and durable.

Cable protectors are a practical way to ensure wires don’t present a hazard. Try our exterior rubber cable protector for outdoor wires.

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