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Large Snow Shovel

Large Lightweight Snow Shovel with Non-stick Surface


£38.95 ex. VAT ( £46.74 inc. VAT)

  • Made from injection-moulded thermoplastic
  • Lightweight and virtually unbreakable
  • Wide shovel suitable for moving large amounts of snow

The increasingly unpredictable weather means you can never be quite sure when you’ll receive heavy snowfall. Make sure you’re ready for when it does fall with our large snow shovel, which will ensure you’re always able to clear the snow and create a walkway outside of your home or work space and keep your life running smoothly.

This large shovel has been made extra wide so you’re able to clear more snow at once, which will make the job light work no matter how much snow has fallen. The injection-moulded thermoplastic is also super light, weighing just 1.9 kg, so your arms won’t get tired if it’s a big job. The high-quality material is virtually unbreakable too, so you don’t need to worry about hitting the hard ice underneath the snow.

The shovel is made with the harsh conditions of winter in mind. It’s able to handle extreme temperatures, all the way down to -30C (and up to a sweltering +80C), but it’s also coloured in such a way that it’ll stand out in snowy conditions - the top half of the shovel is black while the bottom half is an eye-catching orange.

When you get to work, the shovel will help you clear the snow quickly and let you back to your busy day. Made from non-stick material, the snow will easily slide off once it’s been moved elsewhere. This will help save you time and ensure you don’t need to spend any longer than necessary making your business premises accessible.

After you’ve finished moving the snow, you can store the shovel away with your other winter equipment and make use of your grit bin to make sure the sides are kept safe for you and others to walk across. This is a must-have for homes and workplaces located in areas that receive heavy snowfall, even if it doesn’t occur each year. The all-round quality of the shovel means it’ll last for many years, so when the inevitable snow does arrive you’ll be ready. You can also complement your winter weather site safety equipment with our rock salt and spreader kits.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x D)
Colour(s) Orange/Black
Description Large Snow Shovel
Material Polypropylene
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Large Snow Shovel
Specifications / Characteristics Temperature resistance: -30 ° C to +80 ° C
Supplied in Single
T -30°C
T +80°C
Temperature -30 °C to +80 °C
Weight 1.9 kg

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