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Multi-purpose 16 oz Rubber Mallet

Master jobs on more delicate surfaces with this rubber mallet


£3.50 ex. VAT ( £4.20 inc. VAT)
  • Impact on other objects without too much force
  • Hard wood handle with rubber head
  • Much lighter than metal hammers

Weighing in at 16 oz, much lighter than metal alternatives, this rubber mallet offers a wood handle for comfortable gripping, and is best suited for use with objects that need a less forceful impact. Because of the low weight, they are very easy to use, and present a much lower damage threat to an object, as opposed to metal hammers.

With a head manufactured from moulded and condensed rubber, the rubber mallet provides strength when impacting on various surfaces, and is commonly used on metal to eradicate dents without marking, while also being suitable for use in upholstery, when fixing parts into place. When it comes to parts which fit tightly, the rubber mallet can also help construction professionals in forcing them together.

Plus, if you are a baseball player, rubber mallets are commonly used in the 'knocking' or 'breaking in' of a bat, ready for the new season! This strengthens the bat without damaging it.

Shelving is one area in which a rubber mallet comes in handy quite often, and at Safetyshop we have a large range of shelving associated tools and shelves themselves, from Heavy Duty Longspan Shelving Extension Bays to Premier Plastic Shelving 3 Shelf Units.

It's all part of our storage equipment range, which includes a huge variety of units suitable for communal buildings such as schools and offices, as well as industrial premises like factories and warehouses. Included in the collection are products like Low Level Lockers, Personal Effects Lockers and Fire Resistant Store Cabinets.

Additional Information

Description Rubber Mallet
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