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Pack of 10 1.5V Button Cell Batteries

1.5V high-capacity button cell batteries suitable for various uses


£12.15 ex. VAT ( £14.58 inc. VAT)
  • High-capacity, non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • Various uses, including thermometers and watches
  • Sold in packs of 10

These 1.5V button cell batteries are high-capacity, non-rechargeable, alkaline batteries that are designed for general use. They are suitable for use in many applications, including watches, lasers, mini flashlights, thermometers and other medical devices, stopwatches, meters, hand-held probes and calculators.

Supplied in a pack of 10, the button cell battery is a small, round battery. An alkaline battery uses manganese dioxide and zinc to create a reaction, making it an economical alternative to silver oxide batteries, while providing long usage and high capacity.

Alkaline button batteries deliver a high operating voltage and have high energy density, even in low temperature ranges.

The button cell battery, also known as coin cell, has been a tried and trusted battery since the 1980s, when its compact design made it suitable for the new portable devices of the era. The original cordless telephones and security wands at airports used button cell batteries, so it's a testament to their reliability that they remain a popular choice today.

We also stock many other types of battery, including 23A-C5 alkaline batteries that are suitable for use in car alarms and key-fob remote controls, and 3V CR2032 batteries that are used in a variety of applications, such as digital clocks.

Our range includes batteries to assist in security devices, such as 23A-C5 alarm batteries for fire and security alarms. These rechargeable sealed lead batteries are independently tested, giving outstanding results.

We also sell battery bins, enabling you to recycle your used batteries and help the environment. The battery bin has a large, 52-litre capacity and comes in a choice of nine colours.

Additional Information

Description 1.5V Button Cell Battery
Supplied in Pack of 10

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