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Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage

Convenient multi-purpose workstation offers desk space and storage


From: £55.95 ex. VAT ( £67.14 inc. VAT)

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  • Sloping top makes cabinet suitable for use as standing desk
  • Includes drawer and shelf storage space
  • 3-point locking system with two keys provided

This versatile and durable workstation is a handy solution for industries which require a simple raised desk for key members of staff such as a foreman or supervisor. The stainless steel unit has a sloping top which is high enough to act as a standing desk, and below contains drawer and cupboard space for storing essential equipment such as personal protective equipment (PPE), tools, documents and more. Plus, it can be transformed into a handy portable workstation with the addition of the mobile base kit which must be ordered separately.

The inner cupboard storage is enclosed by two reinforced steel doors which provide excellent protection even in very harsh warehouse, construction or factory environments. Two shelves inside the cupboard also help with the organisation of work tools, and since these are adjustable you have the flexibility to change their position for items of varying heights. Immediately above the cupboard is the drawer area; you can choose to have double locking drawers, or a single locking drawer alongside an open storage compartment, which can be handy for storing sheets of paper, notepads or clipboards that do not need to be securely locked away. The main cupboard doors also lock using the same key as the drawer(s), but two copies of the key are provided in order for you to have a spare on hand.

Standing workstations like this are incredibly valuable for individuals who spend much of their shift on their feet and moving around, but require a work space to perform written tasks or complete paperwork now and again. If dedicated workstations aren't provided, individuals often find themselves leaning over small storage cabinets or standing height desks to complete short written tasks, which over time can put immense strain on the back. At 1066mm tall and with the handy sloping top, this workstation is the optimum height for people to stand up straight to work without risking injury to their backs.

  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage
  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage
  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage
  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage
  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage
  • Versatile Steel Workstations with Storage

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