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Economical waste recycling bins

Eco-friendly, durable and high-quality set of five recycling bins


From: £49.99 ex. VAT ( £59.99 inc. VAT)
  • Made from durable unbleached board
  • Available in three different sizes to suit your needs
  • Perfect for storing high volumes of recycling waste

Ideal for storing recycling waste in the workplace or at home, these durable, high-quality waste recycling bins are made from strong unbleached board. Available in a variety of three different sizes - 60 litre, 100 litre and 120 litre - there is a recycling bin suited to your every need. Our waste recycling bins come in sets of five and each bin features a distinguishing colour logo on the front. Easy to assemble, use and transport, these environmentally-friendly recycling bins are an excellent introduction to recycling.

Whilst these economical recycling bins are the perfect way to start your recycling scheme at a low cost, our plastic recycling bins may be more suitable to busy workplaces thanks to their robust durability. What's more, the different lid designs encourage waste separation, making it easier to sort your recycling waste. Made from easy-to-clean polypropylene, these 60 litre plastic recycling bins are ideal for the office.

If you are short on space, then our colour coded stackable recycling bins may be more suitable. Choose to use as single units or stack on top of each other for compact space solutions. You can even easily add wheels to the frame to create a portable unit - great for if you don't have a designated recycling area. However, the maximum capacity for these recycling boxes is 40 litres, and when stacked, the bottom box can only hold 70kg of waste. If you have a high volume of waste, the board recycling bins are a much better option, thanks to their large capacity and durability.

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