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Durable wall fenders offering impact absorbing protection

Minimise damage to vehicles with these absorbent protectors.

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From: £60.95 ex. VAT ( £73.14 inc. VAT)

  • Designed to absorb the damaging force of a collision
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Protect vehicles, fork lift trucks and more

While accidents are an inevitable part of life, damage to your vehicles or fork lift trucks due to an unfortunate collision needn't be. These exterior fenders offer excellent protection to your walls and to the vehicle that's had a bump, absorbing most of the force generated by the impact. Rather than the force damaging your expensive plant, or leaving broken brickwork, it's the safety fender which takes the strain. Designed to bounce back into shape after a bump, these tough wall fenders are suitable for any location where there is a high risk of low speed bumps taking place.

Industrial environments, storage facilities and warehouses will find these safety fenders a cost-effective alternative to the costly repairs which damaged vehicles may require. Depending on the type of fender selected, it's possible to protect your building against anything from lorries to wheelie bins. Straightforward to install and instantly effective, these wall mounted fenders are built to give reliable protection.

The wall fenders are part of our collection of impact protectors and guards. Many organisations find that using a combination of protection guards, corner protectors and height restriction bars can create an environment that is safer for vehicles, as well as helping to maintain the integrity of the building.

Wall fenders aren't just a great protective measure when it comes to property; they can also lessen the impact experienced by vehicle drivers or machine operatives. As a measure to protect employee wellbeing, these impact absorbing fenders can work really well.

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