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Tubular Gauze Finger Bandage

Complete with plastic applicator


£6.50 ex. VAT
£3.25 ex. VAT ( £3.90 inc. VAT)

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  • Seamless, tubular construction, cotton gauze finger bandage
  • Ideal for holding dressings in place and for the secure protection of finger and toe injuries
  • Quick and easy to cut to size and apply, it can be used as a closed finger or toe bandage or for more support as a finger stall
  • Applicator ensures that the application of the tubular gauze finger bandage is simple and painless
  • Supplied in a 5m roll of bandage

Additional Information

Brand Safety First Aid
Description Finger Bandage with Applicator
Length 5m Length
Material Gauze Bandage
Product Description Tubular Gauze Finger Bandage 5m
Supplied in Single

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