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Sign Accessories

Warning, hazard and instructional signs are useful and necessary in a variety of different working environments, and Safetyshop carries a wide range of these signs, which will help your workplace comply with health and safety regulations.

Not all signs have self-adhesive backing or are easy to fix to a variety of surfaces, so it may be necessary to invest in sign accessories to ensure your signs are easily seen. Our range of sign accessories includes everything from posts and fixings to ties and screws to double-sided stanchions, so you should be able to find whatever you’re looking for at Safetyshop.

As an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure hazard warning signs are clearly placed so employees can follow the instructions they display, thereby ensuring their safety. In order to make sure these signs can be followed, they must be clearly visible, which is where our sign accessories come in handy. For example, our double-sided stanchions are a great way of quickly and easily displaying signs and important messages outside buildings, on roads and pavements and in car parks. Often used when road works are in progress, they’re also a useful addition to any large construction site. Made from durable steel, they can be folded up neatly and easily, making them great for sites with limited storage or that are frequently changing location. We also stock a variety of signposts, including movable signposts and high-tensile steel signposts.

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