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Wall socket for steel hoop guards

Customised, secure, adaptable containment for steel hoop guards.


£53.00 ex. VAT ( £63.60 inc. VAT)
  • Durable metal construction
  • Suitable for fastening to a range of different wall surfaces
  • Provides a secure wall socket for steel hoop guards

Steel hoop guards are a useful way of demarcating a variety of different spaces. Useful in storage facilities, to isolate hazards or for crowd control, hoop guards are a cost-effective barrier solution. Obviously ensuring that each hoop barrier is securely fixed into place is essential, which is why these handy wall fixings are a popular option.

The wall sockets are specifically designed to accommodate steel hoop guards. This means the guards will stay securely in position, without wobbling or becoming dislodged. The hoop sockets for walls are made from tough material that is able to withstand the weight of the hoop without cracking or buckling. These useful wall sockets can be fitted to brick or concrete walls, offering a firm base in which to insert the steel hoop guard.

These wall mounting sockets are ideal for locations where the hoop barrier needs to be fixed, but a floor fixing probably isn't appropriate. Often seen at the side of stairs or places where a floor fixing might cause a tripping hazard, wall mounted hoops have all the benefits of floor fixed options.

The wall sockets benefit from four points of attachment for each socket, each of which is designed for use with a heavy duty screw. This provides a very high level of support and ensures that, should one fixing become loose or damaged, the other three will still provide a good amount of stability.

We offer fixings not just for steel hoop guards, but for a wide range of other safety equipment, including fixings for signage and much more.

Additional Information

Size (H x L)
Description Wall Socket for Removable Hoop Guards
Finish Primed
Supplied in Single

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