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Stainless steel tweezers

Easy to sterilise, fine-pointed tweezers

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  • Fine point designed to reach the smallest areas
  • Ideal first-aid tool for a range of injuries
  • Hygienic and easy to sterilise

In any working environment, there are a number of situations that can cause accident or injury, and it is important to have the right equipment to effectively deal with these circumstances. Our stainless steel tweezers can be used to treat a variety of small wounds, such as splinters, easily and hygienically.

Our stainless steel tweezers, also known as stainless steel splinter removers, stainless steel nippers and stainless steel pincers, have an extra fine tip, which is able to remove even the smallest of objects from the skin. They are easy to use, and can be ideal for both self-treatment and first aid of others.

The tweezers are made from a high quality stainless steel material, meaning they won’t decay or be easily damaged. They are also simple to clean and sterilise after each use, preventing spread of infection, and meaning they can be used time and time again. To ensure extra hygiene in the workplace, we also stock Individually Wrapped Sterile Moist Wipes, which are ideal for sanitising the skin both before and after treatment.

The curved design of our stainless steel tweezers ensures that they are also comfortable to use when attempting to remove items such as splinters. A widened surface area above the pointed tip enables maximum grip, ensuring that it is easy to target the smallest of areas with accurate precision. First aid in the workplace or school environment is paramount; we stock a number of solutions for small injuries, including our HSE first aid kits, a full kit that can be used for a variety of injuries.

Additional Information

Description Stainless Steel Fine Point Tweezers
Packaging Qty. 10
Size 110 mm
Supplied in Pack of 10

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