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Speed Ramps

Speed ramps designed to reduce vehicle speed to 10mph.


From: £324.40 ex. VAT ( £389.28 inc. VAT)
  • Highly visible speed ramps benefiting from yellow stripes
  • Each ramp comes with appropriate fixings
  • Stripes are an integral part of the ramp, minimising the risk of accidental removal

Unfortunately, drivers don't always appreciate how important it is to go slowly around industrial complexes or when approaching an entry or exit. To help ensure the safety of all vehicle owners, staff and visitors, a range of speed cutting measures, including speed ramps, can work really well. Combined with features such as appropriate signage/a>, it's possible to significantly reduce vehicle speeds in and around factory and office complexes, resulting in a safer workplace for all.

These speed ramps are constructed to be highly visible from some distance away, hopefully prompting motorists to slow down well before they drive over them. The yellow stripe is manufactured as part of the ramp, so it's unlikely to break off or become detached, even with heavy use. The ramp is supplied in one and two-metre strips, so it's easy to adjust it to an appropriate length for your premises.

If these speed ramps aren't exactly what you're looking for, it may be time to take a look at bee speed ramps or larger sized humps to give you the results you need.

All the speed ramps we stock are designed for straight-forward installation and low maintenance. Extremely durable, even under tough conditions, once in place, speed ramps will last for many years.

For businesses that are concerned about the planet and want to improve their green credentials, we also stock a good range of recycled speed humps.

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