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Soundshuttle™ Portable Induction Loop for use with hearing aids

Compact, wireless device removes background noise for hearing aid wearers

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  • Loop contained within device to prevent untidy wires
  • Operates from mains power or rechargeable battery (supplied)
  • Provides 1.3m coverage around unit

The Soundshuttle Portable Induction Loop is a handy, mobile solution to help those who wear a hearing aid to remove distracting background noise. The device contains a built-in microphone which picks up on specific sounds, such as another person speaking, which hearing impaired individuals can then hear via their hearing aid when it is turned to the 'T' setting. Usually, hearing aids amplify all types of sound which can make it difficult for them to focus on one particular sound in noisy environments. The Soundshuttle is therefore an incredibly valuable disability aid for those who tend to work in areas where background noise is unavoidable.

Since it is a small and compact device, the Soundshuttle is ideal for use in a wide range of environments, including offices, reception desks and meeting rooms. Although it can be powered via mains, the device is also provided with rechargeable batteries so that it can be taken from room to room with no need to worry about finding a power source. It provides coverage of up to 1.3m from the front and back of the unit, which means it can be very efficient when used for meetings or lectures providing that the user is no more than 1.3m away from the main speaker. An LED indicator flashes when the device is transmitting so that users can have a visual indication that its working, and an automatic powder-down function kicks in after 10 minutes of no use in order to save power, which is particularly useful when operating with the rechargeable battery.

The Soundshuttle is an excellent aid for individual employees who use hearing aids and work in noisy environments, but its also a valuable device for organisations to have on hand for visitors or members of the public who wear hearing aids. Reception desks in particular can help to avoid compromising the confidentiality of customers by having the Soundshuttle to hand to ensure individuals can hear reception workers properly without them having to raise their voices. By choosing the bright yellow variety of the Soundshuttle, you can make it clear to those with hearing aids that an induction loop is available to support their needs, though you may wish to also install Loop Facility Signs to let visitors know of the support you offer. Alternatively, should you prefer the device to remain for individual employee use without drawing attention to it, the black variety is a more discreet solution.

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