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Sealey Thermostatic Dehumidifier

Unit for thermostatic control work or domestic environments.


£534.60 ex. VAT ( £641.52 inc. VAT)
  • Remote controlled temperature at the office or at home
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • Reduce unwanted odours and dust

The ability to control moisture levels, whether at home or in the work place, has a number of advantages. Not only will you make sure an environment is not hospitable to allergens; such as mildew, mold and dust mites, you will also make breathing easier, and help prevent the spread of unwanted odours. All this from a machine which sits inoffensively in the corner of a room, making no noise whatsoever!

The Sealey Dehumidifier offered by Safety Shop functions with a two speed fan, and is completely adjustable via your remote control. It includes both a window kit and an extendable exhaust hose, and offers an air conditioning temperature range of 15-31°C, meaning you will have options to suit any time of the year.

As with several of the fans and heaters in our range, you will be able to ensure dry foods stay in optimum condition for longer, and if you dry your washed clothes indoors you will be amazed at how much a Sealey dehumidifier can assist the process. Corrosion and rust in items like computer products can also be reduced by the effects of a dehumidifier, and it can also decrease the risk of skin irritation for some.

Add to that an environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant, making sure that you do your bit for sustainability, and you have a very useful thermostatically controlled unit, to be used in either commercial and domestic premises.

The Sealey dehumidifier belongs in our site safety category, along with an entire range of products intended to improve the conditions of working environments, with many items also being suitable for home use.

Additional Information

Colour(s) White
Description Dehumidifier
Supplied in Single

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