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Even if you’ve invested in an excellent range of safety and security equipment, you’ll get no value out of them if they need battery power to function and you’ve let them go flat.

Imagine how frustrating it is for an employee working in harsh weather conditions to find that the heavy duty waterproof torch needed for seeing a hazardous or potential fault on a piece of equipment doesn’t fire up? Or that the expensive fire and security alarms you’ve bought are useless because the batteries have drained? can come to the rescue. We supply a broad range of commonly used batteries designed for use in safety and security equipment. Flat batteries need never compromise your employees and your premises again!

Our range of products comes from tried and tested, market-leading manufacturers – and as you’ll see, we offer very competitive prices.

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Batteries are essentially protective containers holding electrochemical reactions inside them that convert chemical energy into electrical energy that can then be used to provide power to a broad range of electrical devices. Different electrochemical reactions using different materials are used in different types of battery. At, we supply the most widely used batteries designed to power safety and security equipment.

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Let’s return to that Heavy Duty Waterproof Torch we referred to earlier (which we also supply, incidentally). With a Unilite Battery Charger to hand, your employee will never find him - or herself in that kind of predicament again. This rugged little charger, made from tough ABD plastic resin, plugs into any domestic mains socket and will keep the batteries in that Heavy Duty Waterproof Safety Torch fully and reliably charged.

The rechargeable batteries for lantern torches can be conveniently re-charged from any mains socket. But that option isn’t available if it’s running on fumes and your employee is out on the road. That’s where our durable Unilite Vehicle Recharger comes to the rescue. Made from robust ABS plastic resin, it plugs in to any standard vehicle cigarette lighter.

Neglecting to replace rechargeable batteries for your fire and security systems can endanger your staff, your premises and inventory. Our sealed lead Alarm Battery (with five-year warranty) suits all these applications. Robustly protected against electrolyte leakage, this battery has deep discharge recovery and can be used in any orientation. In addition, it’s independently tested, giving superb results. 

If your employees depend on calculators, digital clocks, hand held probes and meters, and so on, you’ll need a good supply of the high energy lithium coin batteries needed to power them. Our non-rechargeable 3V CR2032 Batteries will do the job admirably. Supplied in packs of 5.

The last thing you need is for the alarm on one or more of your business vehicles to fail, or for the key fob remote control to go dead. Stocking up on a good supply of the12V 23A-C5 Alkaline Batteries that power both will spare you this inconvenience (they’re commonly used in a broad range of electronic devices and it’s a wise policy not to run out of them). Supplied in packs of 4.


I have lots of electronic devices needing long-lasting low-voltage compact 1.5V coin batteries – do you supply them?

We do indeed. Our non-rechargeable 1.5V Silver Oxide Batteries are ideal for these kinds of devices, and they’re super-compact. Supplied in packs of 10 

It couldn’t be easier at Take a good look through our offerings on the safety and security Batteries web page, add the ones you need to the basket and then simply click “Proceed to Checkout.”

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