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Hygienic Anti-Infection Resuscitation Kit

Ensure adequate hygiene in the event of mouth to mouth resuscitation with this handy kit


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  • Eliminates risk of infection
  • Eliminates need for direct mouth or nose contact during first aid
  • Range of essential first aid items included

Being prepared to deal with accidents and emergencies is without a doubt the most important thing you can do for your staff and visitors. In the event of an emergency, the equipment you provide can potentially make a life-changing difference to those involved, so make sure you take all the necessary precautions before an event takes place. In the event that someone needs to be resuscitated, this handy resuscitation kit can help both the victim and the person receiving first aid to remain safe and free from infection.

The hygienic kit contains a range of essential items that can be easily used in an emergency situation. The equipment includes a pair of polythene gloves, a plastic apron and a resuscitator face shield to prevent any unnecessary contact between the victim and the first aider. There is also a useful disinfectant wipe to clean the victim’s face and any other skin areas that require attention. The kit also contains a self-seal clinical waste bag, for proper and safe disposal of any waste.

The contents of this kit are supplied in a handy nylon pouch, which is hard-wearing as well as being easy to open in a situation where speed can potentially be life-saving. The pouch is also fitted with a hook and a belt loop, so that it can be effectively fastened to the first aider as well as being easily stored away.

First aid and safety in the workplace is a paramount concern for any business, and that concern is mirrored here at Safety Shop. We supply a range of first aid equipment that is designed to minimise injury in the event of an accident in the workplace. Our kits range from simple and universal one person travel first aid kits, through to more advanced equipment like this body fluid spill kit in a carry case; whatever your business type, we aim to stock the right equipment to protect the safety and health of your staff.

Additional Information

Size (H x W)
Brand HypaGuard
Description Resuscitation Kit
Kit Contains 1 pair of polythene gloves
1 plastic apron
1 disinfectant wipe
1 resuscitator face shield
1 self-seal clinical waste bag
Material Pouch - Nylon
Product Description Resuscitation Kit
Supplied in Single

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