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Hygienic Semi-Permeable Resuscitation Face Shield Key Fob

Perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without risking contamination


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  • Integrated key fob makes this easily portable
  • Carry out life-saving first aid without putting your own health at risk
  • Printed face shield helps correct positioning and use

Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation is one of the essential techniques in first aid, helping to save lives in extreme situations. However, people have become increasingly aware of the contamination risk to anyone performing this procedure, so it's important that all of your first aid staff have a way to protect themselves if it's needed. It makes a useful addition to your first aid kit, ensuring it can always be found when it's needed so that people can resuscitate casualties without delay.

In addition to its place in your first aid supplies, the ultra-portable face shield comes in a compact nylon pouch with its own key fob. This lets people attach it to belts, keychains and other items, so it can be carried with them wherever they go. This option is a particularly useful one for those who are on first aid duty at large events, or where they're in charge of medicine in remote workplaces where it's difficult to access other supplies without significant and potentially fatal delays. In areas where people might have trouble finding a first aider when they need one, our first aid flag maximises visibility over large distances and is an excellent choice to increase safety at festivals and similar outdoor events.

The mask consists of a semi-permeable membrane, which prevents contact between the first aider and the casualty. This eliminated the risk of contamination that would exist without it and keeps both parties safe from viruses and other hazards. The mask is printed with graphics, which help the user to position it correctly and understand how to use it. This is more effective than text, as it can be understood almost instantly and avoids wasting time.

If portability is less of a concern, we also stock a resuscitation kit with more equipment, which can be stored with other medical supplies. It includes gloves, an apron, a disinfectant wipe and a clinical waste bag, making hygiene even higher. This is a useful choice in areas where contamination is a more serious problem, such as hospitals and other medical settings.

Additional Information

Size (H x W)
Brand HypaGuard
Colour(s) Green
Material Nylon Pouch
Pack Qty. 1
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Resuscitation Face Shield Key Fob
Supplied in Single

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