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Customisable QuickGuard asset tags

Tough, effective identification for your assets


From: £163.00 ex. VAT ( £195.60 inc. VAT)
  • Made from anodised aluminium foil material
  • Customisable details and the option of the company logo
  • Straight-forward to apply and hard to remove once in place

Keeping track of your assets can really be a challenge, particularly if they're small and portable. These tags for assets are a simple, effective way of identifying what's yours, quickly and easily. Suitable for use on a range of different surfaces and capable of being tailored to your specific needs, these identification tags are suitable for use in industry, factories, offices and healthcare settings.

Tough, anodised aluminium provides a durable asset label that's resistant to moisture, wear and tear, rust and other destructive agents. Aluminium is light yet strong, resulting in tags which are built to last.

Because aluminium can be debossed so easily, it's possible to include a significant amount of information on each QuickGuard tag. Organisations can choose whether to deboss their own tags or let us do the job - we will ensure your choice of information, including corporate logo if required, is neatly debossed onto each asset label. It's also possible to number the tags consecutively, which is often useful if your assets include multiples of the same piece of equipment. Use the tag edge roller to ensure that each tag is securely attached to the relevant item.

If theft or unauthorised removal is a concern, these tamper evident bar codes may be a better option. QuickGuard asset tags can be used alongside a variety of other tag options to give a comprehensive solution to all your company's asset labelling requirements.

The right asset label tags don't just deter unauthorised use and help to prevent loss, they also make it easier to keep inventories up to date.

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