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Protective Plastic Finger Stalls

Sturdy plastic finger stalls to protect injured fingers


£4.99 ex. VAT
£2.50 ex. VAT ( £3.00 inc. VAT)
  • Protects fingers
  • Comfortable fit
  • Different size options

Our protective plastic finger stalls are a convenient solution to allow you to continue working with an injured finger. The sturdy, plastic covering protects injured fingers, so you can confidently carry on with tasks, without inflicting further damage.

The plastic finger stall is easy to fit and comfortable to wear, and won't get in the way of your usual tasks. It's especially suitable for use when working in moist environments. Made from sturdy plastic, these protective finger stalls won't easily rip or tear.

For your convenience, you can choose various sizes, to ensure a correct and comfortable fit. Our protective plastic finger stalls also come in packs of 10, so make a useful addition to any workplace first aid kit.

If you require a book to record workplace injuries, our accident record book is designed to fulfil this task.

Additional Information

Brand Safety First Aid
Colour(s) Blue
Material Plastic
Packaging Qty. 10
Supplied in Pack of 10

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