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Long-Wearing Waterproof And Washproof Pink Plasters

Provide an effective and hygienic treatment for range of minor injuries


£18.50 ex. VAT
£3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)

  • Individually wrapped to be sterile and hygienic
  • Range of sizes and styles supplied
  • Resistant to water, for longer usage

Quick and easy access to sufficient first aid and medical supplies is important for any business, which is why we stock a range of affordable first aid supplies to ensure that everyone is able to take the relevant precautions to protect their staff from the consequences of injuries and prevent the spread of infections. These durable pink plasters are an ideal addition to any office first aid kit and can be used to treat a number of common minor scrapes, cuts and grazes.

The handy everyday plasters are particularly ideal for environments where hygiene is of utmost importance, such as industrial kitchens, canteens and health related establishments as, once stuck in place, the plasters will develop a hold strong enough for long term use. The pink plasters are fully wash-proof, to ensure that people can continue to enjoy their protection for several days until a wound has healed up properly.

The minor injury plasters have the added benefit of being ultra hygienic, as they come individually wrapped in their own packs. There is also an assortment of useful sizes to choose from – from small plasters designed for finger injuries, to large plasters to cover grazes on areas such as knees. You can also choose from a range of sterile styles provided within this pack, designed to offer a flexible solution to covering a variety of different wounds.

Even if funds are tight, make sure you provide an adequate first aid safety kit for your office should injury occur. This fully stocked BSI First aid Kit is an economical option that is also HSE compliant. Supplied in a handy, portable-sized kit, it can be stored away easily until it is needed.

Additional Information

Brand HypaPlast
Colour(s) Pink
Description Patch Plasters
Material Washproof
Pack Qty. 100
Packaging Qty. 100
Product Description Pink Washproof Patch Plasters
Size (H x W) 72 x 50mm
Specifications / Characteristics Hypoallergenic
Supplied in Pack of 100
Type Patch Plasters

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