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Tough and easy-to-clean mobile container trolleys

Large, durable and smooth mobile plastic containers


£103.00 ex. VAT ( £123.60 inc. VAT)
  • Smooth surfaces won’t snag or damage
  • Four wheels make manoeuvring easy
  • Durable, non-toxic plastic can withstand any weather

For many working environments, there are items and substances that will need to be both stored and manoeuvred easily. Our durable mobile containers are used to store a range of items in an office, construction site, school or otherwise.

Our mobile containers, also known as manoeuvrable plastic boxes, movable plastic containers and mobile plastic boxes, are made from tough medium density polyethylene, and are designed to withstand a range of outdoor conditions. They can be used to safely store a wide range of equipment or waste. Waste can then be disposed of without hazard thanks to the four swivel wheels attached to each bottom corner. The strong, durable containers are also non-toxic, making them a safe solution for storage and disposal.

The containers have secure lids that can be easily closed, preventing anything from spilling out of the boxes. They are simple to open, for quick and easy access to the contents. The tubs are designed to completely conceal their contents. However, if you need the contents to be visible, our plastic pallet boxes can be used as open-topped solutions to hold a high volume of equipment.

The surfaces of our mobile containers are smooth and snag-free, meaning that they won’t catch on or damage other items or clothing. Easy to wipe clean, the boxes are also non-toxic, aiding hygiene in the working environment. The corners of the containers are also slightly curved and blunted, so as not to be a hazard to passers-by. For extra safety, if you are choosing to store hazardous contents in the mobile containers, we also stock biohazard signs, which can be displayed nearby.

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