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Lightweight mail sorting system

Timeless and effective way to manage letters and small parcels


From: £491.00 ex. VAT ( £589.20 inc. VAT)
  • Mesh construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Labelled compartments

Organisation is the pillar that keeps businesses on track and ahead of the competition. Our mail sorting system is a simple and elegant solution to categorising incoming letters and parcels. Coupled with one of our post delivery trolleys, every department and employee will be able to receive their packages in a timely manner.

Fashioned from slender gauge mesh, and finished in epoxy powder-coated red- it will lend a distinguished touch and versatile charm that will blend into any sorting room or front desk area. Lightweight for total convenience, it can be swiftly mounted onto desks and fastened to walls for added security. Placed in a prime location, it will leave customers and guests with a professional impression of your company.

Perfect for medium and large businesses, the rectangular compartments can hold copious amounts of letters, as well as smaller parcels and packages. Fitted with blank hanging labels at the top of each section, you can mark out which items are destined for specific persons, rooms and departments. With internal distribution effortlessly taken care of, it will allow secretarial staff to focus on other matters. A timeless system that's been used for over a century, it will enhance the productivity of any workplace.

The light frame is also useful for shifting work environments that demand constant change. Once empty, it can simply be relocated to a new area and secured with our releasable cable ties until a permanent location can be found.

The grid construction also offers peace of mind, as even the smallest of items won't fall through and get lost. Viewable from all sides, not a single letter will be unaccounted for - ensuring that vital communications and documents won't be misplaced or left behind. Deep and wide enough for an array of letters, it allows for further organisation, letting staff stack envelopes and boxes as they see fit.

While easy to install the relocate time and time again, the framework is strong enough to withstand all the knocks and bumps that may occur throughout the work day. Crafted to hold the weight of all manner of items, it will fast become a dependable asset to any business.

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