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Liquid Ice Melt Spray Kit with Leak-proof Valve

Quickly clear large areas of ice and make them safe again


£395.00 ex. VAT ( £474.00 inc. VAT)
  • Powered by a ground driven pump
  • Width and droplet size of spray can be adjusted
  • Doubles as a weed killer or fertiliser spray

Icy ground conditions can be extremely hazardous both to vehicles and those on foot. It's important to keep the areas around your workplace free from ice to minimise the chance of accidents and keep health and safety standards high. Liquid Ice Melt is an extremely effective solution to the problem of ice, melting it and keeping it away for up to 48 hours. Fill this sprayer with Liquid Ice Melt and you'll have a quick and powerful way to deal with slippery ground so you can get on with business as usual.

The ground-driven pump and high-speed gearbox in the sprayer work to spray the liquid as it is pushed along, so there's no need for fuel or a power source for operation. A two-way valve can be set to either spray or transport mode, so there won't be any unwanted spraying or unexpected leaks while moving the sprayer from one place to the next.

Three different replaceable spraying tips let you choose the coarseness of the spray to best suit the situation you need it for, and the spraying width can also be fine-tuned to get the perfect result every time. With its large capacity tank, the sprayer holds enough Liquid Ice Melt to clear plenty of ice without needing constant refills.

During the warmer part of the year, when ice is not a problem, instead of the sprayer gathering dust in storage it can be used to apply weed killer or fertiliser, making it useful at any time.

If you need to clear snow from the ground before you can start to tackle the ice, our large-bladed manual snow pusher will help you move it out of the way in no time at all.

Additional Information

Brand Earthway
Capacity 22 L
Colour(s) Red/White
Material Steel frame
Packaging Qty. 1
Specifications / Characteristics 1.5m spread width
Fine, medium or coarse spray tips
Supplied in Single
Tyre Diameter 25 cm
Volume 22 L

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