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ISO fluid for technical cleaning

250ml bottle of isopropanol cleaning fluid for efficient and effective cleaning


£5.50 ex. VAT ( £6.60 inc. VAT)
  • Residue-free finish
  • Ideal for technical cleaning
  • Isopropyl alcohol solution

Along with similar bleaches, cleaners and sprays from our extensive range, Durable's ISO Cleaning Fluid was designed for industrial applications where specialist cleaning products are necessary. This 250ml fluid spray contains a solution of the compound isopropanol: an alcohol-based solvent which is most commonly used for cleaning electronics and technical parts.

Durable's ISO Cleaning Fluid wipes away cleanly and takes all dirt with it. It evaporates extremely quickly and leaves no residue on the surface it is applied to, for a streak-free finish. The isopropyl alcohol in the fluid will cut through grease and oil quickly. The most common applications for ISO cleaning fluid are in electronics and computing. The fluid is ideal for cleaning magnetic read/write heads, edge connectors and similar technical components, which can get greasy and dirty over time. If regular cleaning is not undertaken, problems can start with the machine. Regular cleaning with the right fluid will prevent these problems.

Each bottle of Durable ISO Cleaning Fluid has a convenient upright design and a handy spray top, with a no-spill cap to prevent leaks. The bottle is clearly labelled to ensure it is handled correctly. The 250ml bottle of cleaning fluid is small and easy to carry, yet it can be used for as many as 50 applications. It is recommended that a soft cloth is used when cleaning electronics and machines with isopropanol cleaning fluid, to avoid scratching or damaging delicate components. The isopropanol cleaning fluid can also break down adhesives easily, so it will remove glue and sticky residue from machinery.

Additional Information

Brand Isoclene
Supplied in Single
Volume 250 ml

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