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Single Use Instant Heat Pack

Treat pain instantly and effectively with these cost-effective heat packs


£35.99 ex. VAT ( £43.19 inc. VAT)
  • Perfect to relieve stiffness of the joints, aching muscles, sprains and strains
  • Each heat pack measures 230 mm high x 140mm long
  • 25 heat packs per order

Stiffness of the joints, aching muscles, sprains and strains can all be extremely painful and worsen quickly without immediate treatment.

Our single use instant heat packs are specifically designed to treat such conditions instantly and effectively.

Each single use pack can be activated with a simple squeeze, before being applied to the affected area for immediate pain relief.

With 25 heat packs provided per order, this is a cost effective solution which makes heat therapy readily available when required during an emergency. They’re also small in size, making them easy to carry or store in a first aid kit.

Alternatively, our instant cold packs are perfect for providing immediate cooling relief during the acute stages of injury and are available in medium or small sizes to suit different body areas.

Additional Information

Size (H x L)
Colour(s) White
Packaging Qty. 25
Supplied in Single

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